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Workplace Injuries And Your Right To Compensation

When most people suffer an injury on the job or develop a work-related illness, their top concerns are how the injury will affect their ability to work and/or keep them from their job, the impact on their income and, most importantly, if they are eligible for compensation from their employer.

Some people struggle with how to approach their work-related injury or illness. Many don’t know the best way to follow through with an injury claim. In the end, most have questions that may heighten their concerns and frustration.

A Collaborative Approach To Resolving Workers’ Comp Claims

Some people think they need to take an adversarial approach when fighting for their right to workers’ compensation benefits because it will show their employer and their insurance company that they mean business. But we think aggressive opposition only breaks down the lines of communication between all parties involved, leading to defensive talk and the kind of pushback many try to avoid.

This is why Kuhrt, Femia & Kuhrt, L.L.C. takes a more collaborative approach to workers’ compensation claims. We believe that all parties need to work together in order to get you the benefits you need and deserve. Our lawyers will start your claim off right and keep it on track by making sure:

  • Your on-the-job injury has been reported to your employer
  • Your employer’s insurance company is aware of the workplace accident that led to your injury
  • Things are in motion to get you compensation for medical costs and lost wages

Obtaining A Lawyer May Be Your Next Step

Though many workers’ compensation claims can be handled without help from a skilled lawyer, this isn’t always the case. Some workers have had their employers ignore their request for compensation after a work-related accident. Others have struggled with insurance providers and employers that are unwilling to accept liability for an accident.

At Kuhrt, Femia & Kuhrt, L.L.C., we understand your concerns because we have helped thousands of clients in New Jersey over the past 30 years with workers’ compensation claims and the process that goes along with filing them. We know what actions to take in order to get you benefits in a timely manner. We know that sometimes obtaining an attorney is necessary, which is why our firm offers consultations to injured workers across Essex and Union counties.